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Web applications

a web-based diagram creator and vector graphics editor. It does not require Flash, Java applets or other plug-ins. You can save several drawings to your online account or export them in JPEG, PNG or SVG format.
Follow up
an issue tracker. It's free to use, including the hosting.
Word Strands
a classic online word game. You have three minutes to identify as many English words on a 5x5 board as possible. Test your vocabulary and acumen, and have fun!
Lorem Ipsum
a social networking engine with some interesting features (currently a prototype).


Scheme Cad is a programmable 3D CAD tool that currently supports wireframe models and features animation.

Open source

CPSCM is a Scheme compiler based on classic CPS conversion and trampolines.

A few more things are located in the Omnigia Scheme repository.

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