Bubble sort

This example demonstrates how to interface Scheme with Javascript. DHTML effects are implemented in "native" Javascript, while the bubblesort algorithm is implemented in Scheme (and compiled to Javascript).

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How this works

The bubblesort algorithm is implemented in bs.scm (which compiles to scm-bs.js). The native DHTML code is in bs-demo.js. This web page references in its <head> section both the native and the compiled Scheme code, as well as the backend files cpscm-drv.js and prelude.js.

To call a Scheme function from Javascript, find the mangled name (by calling (symbol->js 'fun) from the Scheme compiler, where fun is your Scheme function). Then (assuming the mangled name is cpscmfun) insert something like the following in Javascript:

var result = cpscm__drive (cpscm__call_scm (cpscmfun, cpscm__id, arg1, arg2 /* ... */));

To create a Javascript function callable from Scheme, again find out the mangled name (say cpscmjsfun), and define the function as in:

var cpscmjsfun = cpscm__cpswrap (function jsfun (x, y) { return x + y; });

You may also want to override the default error handler, as in bs-demo.js.